Introducing the File Browser for the 21st Century

How does it work?

Work on all of your files & communicate with your team straight from our revolutionary file browser. Watch here to learn how Cascade is changing the way team's collaborate.

Sync across your devices with all of your teamates.

Work on your files in a native context.

Communicate about what you're working on.

Whether you're working on complex engineering and CAD files or intricate office projects, Cascade allows you to work in the native environment you are used to.

matlab excel autocad word

All of Your Files in One Place

Cascade integrates with the storage solutions you already use such as DropBox, Google Drive & local servers to bring all of your files under one platform.

Communication & Content Together at Last

Other platforms are built around either team messaging OR content. Cascade brings these two together by forming messaging channels around people, folders AND files.

Say Goodbye to Uploads & Downloads

Instantly open every file and work on it in the native environment without having to wait for downloads. Works for all file types & environments.